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This is a part of the "Bardk Poetry * Working Cowboy Lifestyle" page maintained and operated by David Kelley, Allen, Texas, Cowboy Poet. This page is still coming around, so check in from time to time, and don't forget to go back to the home page, and sign in on my GUEST BOOK.

Debra Hill calls me "Sweetie", but then, I thought she called everyone "Sweetie", until she reminded me about all the other "endearing" terms she uses. I can tell you this, being on Debra's good side ain't no bad place to be. In all seriousness, Debra writes some of the most wonderful, heartfelt poetry you'll ever read, and I have included some of my favorites here. I think you'll agree, this is one talented lady.



In the heat of July,
While bringing in the hay,
He gave her a baling wire ring,
And this is what he had to say...
ďSomeday Iíll put a diamond,
Here on your hand.
A diamond pure and perfect,
As sure as Iím your man.

But, you know, a diamond,
It wonít ever shine,
As long or as bright,
As this love of yours and mine.Ē
So they saved for her diamond,
By putting little bits away,
Money for the diamond,
He would buy for her one day.

But the money for her diamond,
Fixed the tractor and bought a plow,
And in the dead of winter,
Paid the vet. bill for the cow.
The money for her diamond,
Put the water to the barn,
And paid the increased taxes,
The county levied on the farm.

The money for her diamond,
Paid the doctor in town,
And when their daughters were all grown,
It bought the wedding gowns.
It paid for the new roof,
When the big wind came through.
Then it it paid off the mortgage,
Before it was due.

The money for her diamond,
Was always well spent,
She never even asked him,
Just where the money went.
The money for her diamond,
Helped them to survive,
The money for her diamond,
Kept their hopes and dreams alive.

Today itís been sixty-three years,
And the diamond is on her hand.
But, as usual, in her pocket,
Lies her original wedding band.
A twist of baling wire,
Bent and covered up in rust,
A symbol of the greatest of loves,
His Promise and Her Trust.

© 1996 Debra Coppinger Hill, All Rights Reserved

Debra tells me this is a true story, told to her by a grand old Cowboy, who is a dear and precious friend. I can tell you from experience folks, Debra has many dear and precious friends...she's just that kind of gal.

The saddle in the pawn shop
Had a long financial history,
But the reason it finally stayed there,
Remained a mystery.

He pawned it once to help his mom
Fix some things around the farm.
It was pawned again when the tractor rolled,
And broke his brotherís arm.

It paid for books and tuition,
For his sisterís nursing school,
And the bail for his cousin,
Who always was a fool.

It bought the ring, when he proposed,
To the woman of his dreams.
Then it paid to straighten-up
A couple of his schemes.

It bought some baby furniture,
And helped pay the hospital bill,
And it paid for extra groceries,
So the kids could have their fill.

When it bought the headstone,
It stayed in the shop awhile,
When it came back, it noticed,
That the man seldom smiled.

It bought the things that young girls need,
To give them that special look,
Then it paid for the weddings,
And all the things that took.

It helped out the grand-kids,
Bought the Grandson a second-hand truck,
Then the saddle hit a rough spot,
And a sore piece of luck.

The Cowboy didnít come back,
No one knew the reason why,
Some swore that late at night,
They heard the saddle sigh...

So, if youíre in the pawn shop,
And the saddle you should see,
If you can afford it,
Add to itís history.

Pay off the price of itís pawn,
Let it belong to you,
For a saddle this unselfish,
Will always see you through.

© Copyright 1997 All Rights Reserved.
Debra Coppinger Hill

Debra would have you know, this is a newer piece...a little different from what she usually does, and her desire is that you enjoy it. Personally, I think it simply shows her extreme diversity.


Rough, Untamed
Rush the draw
Primal energy
Passionate, Raw

Painted face
Feathered lance
So begins
The Buffalo Dance

Race the Thunder
Over the hill
Take the world
By sheer will

Free and Wild
Without care
Fearless screams
Split the air

Call it Destiny
Call it Chance
Drums beat out
The Buffalo Dance

Rise and Fall
The Liarís Moon
Death and Existance
Come too soon

Earth is made
Of Give and Take
Past and Future
Are at stake

Lightning strikes
Evil askance
Spirits of Fire
Join the Buffalo Dance

Caution tossed
To the Wind
Now is a place
To begin

Turn the herd
Lead the pack
Valiant hearts
Blaze new tracks

Dreams are real
This is no trance
Life lived Full
Is the Buffalo Dance

Copyright © 1999 All Rights Reserved
Debra Coppinger Hill

BIO. Debra Coppinger Hill
Cowboy Poet/Songwriter/Humorist/Puppeteer

Debra Coppinger Hill draws on her experience as Ranch Manager of the family horse operation as well as family stories and lore for her writing. Her poetry has garnered her Top Five Cowboy Cassette and Top Ten Best Female Poet List positions with the Academy of Western Artists. She is the current Director of Publicity and Promotions for the Charley Russell Western Heritage Association.
Debra was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of THE AMERICAN WEST NETWORK as a Cowboy Culture Consultant. She often performs with Outrider partner, Casey Allen.
For more information on other works by Debra Coppinger Hill, tapes or performance bookings, contact her at:
Yellow Slicker Productions
Debra Coppinger Hill
Rt. 2 Box 3800 Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016
Ph/Fax 918-789-5288